Without our dehydration equipment

The escape of frigories into a freezing chamber can create long-term drawbacks in facilities, from energy problems to damage to other equipment and merchandise affected by the extreme opposite temperatures.

In the previous figure you have been able to observe the case of thermal transfer produced by a defective barrier or the absence of it. We propose a solution below.

With our dehydration equipment

Our equipment acts as a climatic separation barrier between the two opposite temperatures. Ensuring greater energy efficiency, security and durability of your facilities.

In the previous figure you have seen our series of door dehydrators ARIAN in action. We present you our flagship product in detail.

Our series of industrial dehydrators.

ARIAN 5500 - Atmospheric separation for the most demanding.

Energy efficient solution, by avoiding the escape of temperatures between two rooms, you obtain long-term savings in air conditioning.

Thanks to the high air pressure expelled by the equipment, an excellent climatic separation barrier is created.

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