Technical service

Excellence and service orientation

Passion for a well done job

PowerDinamica thinks, designs, produces and verifies each of the equipment that leave our assembly line, that is why is vitally important to know each component in detail. It means an effective technical service which manages its work, with the excellence on the service and the passion over our clients as a final objective.

We have a huge competitive advantage in relation to the ones who don’t manufacture their own products, since our team knows in detail each particularity of them, of the processes of the design, manufacture, verification, life cycles, incidents, etc. because in a making, homologation and an autonomous patent, some metrics and exhaustive knowledge of its products and components are available. We can just offer and demand to the companies to which we make the manufacture process.

Moreover, all of this implies that we have an updated stock within our equipment. The verification process, check, patent and homologation provide the capacity of knowing the reliability of the components and allow adapting preventive, predictive and proactive aspects; always keeping in mind that you worry about nothing.

Quality until the slightest detail

The small details may indicate an abyss in quality, and the one who suffers it knows well. In PowerDinamica we focus on every detail so that you always have products with the most quality standards.

This knowledge allows us to cover a maintenance model with the maximum quality as possible in the following aspects: preventive, corrective, predictive and proactive.

We offer technical support over the whole national and European territory, thanks to our experienced personnel always worried about the client’s interests. These are our main objectives:

  • To improve the quality levels
  • To reduce the number of breaks
  • To reduce the costs globally to our clients
  • To reduce time among breaks
  • To reduce the time of inactivity
  • To increase the profitability of the equipment
  • To increase the usable life of the equipment
  • To improve the profitability rates
  • To reduce emergency interventions
  • To minimize breakdowns impact
  • To predict and adjust maintenance windows

We are proud of our products and of our team which is always willing to help our clients wherever they are. The reliability of our products and clients are our best guarantees for more than a decade.

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