Assembling and installation

Assembling and installation services

Turnkey projects

As an enterprise in continuous innovation an investigation at cold industrial fields, atmospheres and air curtain control, PowerDinamica is adapted to the continuous changes of the market. Even though we have a wide and extensive range of products, we also provide a personalized service for production and start-up in order to make the de-humidifier and/or wind screen that fits 100% your needs.

If any special measurement required, or if the civil work you have has a particular features, as well as accesses, doors, etcetera, we can any situation required from our equipment. We produce to measure and we have an office for technical projects at your disposal. Do not hesitate to ask if any doubt. .

Experience and expertise

We make industrial de-humidification equipment and air curtain since more than a decade, including its assembly, installation, maintenance and monitoring.

Our assembly service is composed of professionals with great experience in our products and their components, and in any cold industrial installation.

We have our own vehicle’s fleet which covers the whole national and European territory, giving this way an integral service. Furthermore, its closeness and professionalism allow for adapting our technicians to any condition.

Through our installation and assembly service, PowerDinamica offers total quality in its facilities and it guarantees, by different methods, that its expectations in reduction of humidity, atmosphere’s control, ice removal or any other problem on his facilities remain always covered (as we make diverse checks and verifications).

Thermal analytic

Through thermal photography, we verify cold leaks in assemblies, adjacent civil work, electrical components condition… so that we can detect which parts need action and/or repair.

Civil work

We act as consultants to you and we also show you in which part of civil work we may act. We adapt ourselves to doors, locks and to any space you need.

Electrical and mechanical

Assembly and components verification, consumption, boxes condition and connections, condensers, regulators, etc. are some examples.

Structures and components

In order to have safe job environs, we make analyses of security structures, grilles, sound measuring and the presence of humidity too.

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