Before our installations

Poorly protected freezing chambers and antechambers create ice and frost seepage problems, which in turn creates safety risks.

After our installations  

Our dehydration equipment and access doors improve the quality of your installations avoiding temperature filterings and ice accumulation.

Manufacturing and installing since 1998


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Custom designs

We adapt to your needs from the first moment.

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Group of professionals with telephone availability to answer your questions.

Energy efficiency

We improve day by day so that our systems are at the cutting edge of energy use.

Our products

Equipo deshidratador

Dehydration equipment

Chambers below zero can generate numerous problems of leaks to adjoining rooms, our dehydration equipment tackles these difficulties, with customized designs for each antechamber.

Puerta rápida industrial

Fast doors

Rolling canvas doors, high reliability in response and security, gain in speed of access to your facilities.

Cortina de aire industrial

Industrial air curtains

Climatic separation barriers for industrial use, reduce the entry of insects, dust and the escape of cold rooms, a quality solution for your facilities.

Cortinas de aire comerciales

Commercial air curtains

Keep the doors of your business open with minimal loss of air conditioning and heating, as well as reducing the entry of insects.

About us

Trusted technical team

Professional team with more than 30 years of technical experience in the sector.

Custom proyects

Power Dinámica has been carrying out customized projects for more than a decade to avoid the formation of ice in cold rooms.


Our main objective is to continue improving to offer you a quality service.

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